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Qualities of a Good Advertisement

Qualities of a Good Advertisement

If you want to advertise your website, product or service, you must have the tools and information to do this. But, even if you have the tools and information to do it and your copy is poor, you won’t get any leads at all. A good and bad advertisement can mean the different between success and failure. If you plan to advertise, make sure that you have a good and quality advertisement to entice people to click or follow your lead eventually leading to a sale or conversion. Here are the qualities of an effective advertising copy.


A quality advertisement is simple. It should be easily understandable, simple enough to grasp your message easily. You’re not composing a poem; you’re trying to get people’s attention and convince them to perform your goal. Use simple, clear and concise language.


An effective advertisement is memorable. Your target audience should be able to recall the contents of the advertisement and the product or service that is being advertised. If your audience can’t remember it, then you’re just wasting your time and money in your campaign.


Your advertisement should be entertaining. Remember that capturing your audience’s attention is a must and making your advertisement as entertaining as it can be can greatly help you grab their attention. Adding humor, if appropriate, is one way to make your advertisement very entertaining. Parody of recent events is also a great way to capture your reader’s attention.

Attention Holder

Your advertisement should be able to attract your audience’s attention instantly. However, it’s worthless if they can’t grab and hold that attention because they might miss your ads’ key points. Therefore, making sure that your ad can hold your audience’s attention to help them see your whole ad through the end.

One effective way of holding your reader’s attention is by making your headline properly worded and attractive. Make it short and effective. In addition to that, using pictures that’s directly related to your advertisement is a plus. Quoting the price of the product is also a great way to hold your reader’s attention.


Your advertisement should be capable of suggesting the reader about the product or service’s utility. One way to do that is by using an effective slogan. Take a look at WordPress’s slogan. If they are to advertise their CMS, they could add their current slogan that says, “Create your new website for free”. No doubt, many customers will dive right in.


Your advertisement should convey the truth and only truth. It should not misinterpret the product or hide the true facts. It should clearly lay any specifications and limitations in the product/service. If these limitations are not specified, then the buyer will recognize it only after buying the product. This could shatter your buyer’s confidence and they will likely to spread it to others ultimately bringing down the hammer of destruction upon your business.