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History of Advertising

History of Advertising

Advertising has been here for ages because it’s a main form of promoting any products, services or goods. Nevertheless, advertising has greatly changed its form and way during the past centuries. It evolves as consumers evolve. Advertising’s common practices, styles and appearance changes over time because consumers also change from time to time.

History is a fun subject too, that’s why we’re here today to discuss the history of advertising.

In the beginning, there was no such thing as advertising or to make it more accurate, there is no such thing as advertisement bombardment. Long before companies slap offers and advertisement straight to our face anywhere, an advertisement is just as simple as a simple suggestion of something that you might need. Just like, say, a brush. You just say yes or no.

Today, when we walk in a park, we see a banner. When we watch TV, we see our favorite athlete drinking a product being advertised. When we chat with friends on Facebook, a living advertisement sidebar constantly changes, when we watch YouTube streams, advertisement loads first. When we open email, there will be advertisements. When we shop, there are still advertisements. Why and how did this happen? Let’s see.

The Early Days

Egyptians have been using papyrus to make posters and advertisements. Plus, in Pompeii and ancient Arabia, there are political advertisements. Heck, there’s even an evidence of advertisement way back in 3000 BC.

In ancient China, there were advertisements that were oral, where bamboo flutes played to sell candies. But most of the time, advertisements are often in the form of calligraphy.

In Europe where the towns and cities of the middle Ages started to get populated but the general populace was unable to read, shops used images instead of signs that represent or associated with their trade like boot, suit, hat, clock or diamond.

Then in the 18th century, newspaper advertisements started to appear in England. These early print advertisements were used to promote books and newspapers as well as medicine. However false advertisements became prevalent which signaled the need for regulations.

The Revolutionary Period

“Good morning. Have you used Pears’ soap?” This is a company slogan for the Pears Soap, which was created by the renowned father of modern advertising, Thomas J. Barratt. He created numerous advertising campaigns for the company’s products making use of targeted slogans, images and phrases. Because of this and Barratt’s guidance, Pears Soap is the world’s first legally registered brand.

Modern Advertising

Today, advertising takes place of many forms, from oral to print and recently, digital. With the emergence of internet and computers, advertising became easier and it made products reach highly targeted customers at their grasp.

We saw the evolution of advertising. What a trip isn’t it? Even for a brief period, we saw how advertisement grew from simple to technologically advanced form. I wonder what’s in for us in the next decade?