Online Advertising

Advertising and its Elements

Advertising and its Elements


Advertisements have been dated since ancient times, but obviously not with strict codes of designing as they are now. Now days, anywhere we look there is some form of advertisement, subtle or obvious. Today you go for a jog, you see ads on posters, banners or handed out to you on pamphlets, you read a newspaper or browse the internet and you see copious amounts of ads and not to forget the Web Design & Cost Per Click Campaigns, each designed to attract the customer’s attention. There are sales, discounts, free trials, free samples, and many more strategies to seek more consumers. It is a bombardment of ads and sometimes it’s subtle, like showing company logo signs in films and TV series etc. Celebrities have long since been associated by advertising due to their influence over people especially the young generation. So where, did it all began?

History of Advertising

As far as History of Advertising is concerned it dates back to ancient Egypt, where they used papyrus to make posters and ads. If the Egyptians started the paper advertisements, the Chinese used flute melodies to attract customers to buy candies. Slowly, the advertisement art developed; in fact it was in the 18th century England where advertisements on papers first started circulating. As centuries passed by, the art of advertisement developed rapidly as manufacturers realized the benefit of investing in promotion of their products or services. Now, advertisements merit their own section of codes and rules so that maximum numbers of people are attracted by it. The form which started as a suggestion orto create awareness of the product has become an insistence of buying a product since its birth centuries ago.

Modern day Advertising

Advertising of this decade is quite rapidly developed since the age of information began. Paper advertisements that ruled for many eras since its inception, is now giving away to digital marketing and internet ads. As the number of population is increasingly dependent on technology, for almost everything, especially information, it is but obvious that advertisers have tapped into online advertising market. As many hours you surf on the internet be it for personal reasons or during office hours, it is impossible to miss online ads streaming in the border of your screen or ad pop ups that are desperate for your attention. As much as nuisance such bombardment is, they do manage to work for some amount. Some of the digital advertising strategies that you can see on the internet are

  • Web Design & Cost Per Click Campaigns

Web design and cost per click advertisements are one of the most common types of advertisements. Called as pay per click ads are the adverts streaming along besides the articles on search engines. These search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are paid by companies for listing these ads which are sold in an auction. You bid on the ads and you have the chance of ranking number one. Certain search engines like Google have a “quality point” which affects the rankings of the search engine.

  • Pop up ads

Pop up ads are the type of advertisement designed to force your attention to them. As the name suggest they popup on screen when you visit a website. However, due to the nuisance they cause, not many websites support pop ups. There are several soft wares available in market to prevent them from appearing.